Networking Support

Home and Business Networking Support

There are many services that are required under this section, some would include.

1. Building a Network of Computers and Devices. This could include any number of computers, printers, special devices. They are controlled under a router, and there is a cable network that all devices share.  Networks can be small or multi site.  They can be local or cloud.

2. Router Programming and Support. This would include internet configuration, programming internet working using DHCP or hard coded IP’s, Wireless programming and setup, Security for Wireless and firewall setup, Port forwarding for programming outside views to internal devices like cameras or remote PC control.  Expanded networks to handle larger networks greater than 256 devices. 

3. Wiring Cable Backbone Install. This would include running CAT5 or CAT6 or Fiber or even BNC in the old days. Putting in cable at your home or business to network you computers and devices such as web cameras, Printers and more.

4. Trouble Shooting Printers. This is a service that we provide. Complex printer sharing using hardwired IP based printing often solves many network printer problems.  Leased large production printers for larger offices.

5. Installing and Upgrading Software. Often a customer has a software program that requires complex setup and we can be there to provide professional setup and often work with software companies to help local clients install complex custom software. Programs like Quick Books, Point Of Sale Systems, and Time Management Software Systems.

6. Data Migration Services. We often help clients move their data to new computers. We move Quick Books, Office, Email, Printers, Favorites, Documents and Music, all personal data, and any special needs migration we can support that.

7. Data Recovery Services. We can help recover data from damaged hard drives in many cases. It is best once the problem in encountered to contact us quickly because the data may become irretrievable once other programs try to recover the damaged drive. You data is your life, be careful and back up you data to another drive or use an online storage solution. We provide and online storage solution for a fee.

8. Virus Repair Services. We do this service the most. It takes a long time to remove virus and spyware from your system so we take the system off site, run the cleaning operations, and repair the damaged registry, which is the most important step. Again here if the customer tries too hard to do the repair themselves, they in many cases will make our repair impossible, and all we will be able to do is remove the viruses, but the PC will have registry issues we cannot reverse.

9. Technology Device Integration. We often get new technology gadgets that customers ask us to help them configure. These devices have included GPS, Smart Phones, Aviation tools, Web Cameras, Cash registers and POS systems.

10. Training and Support. We often work with a local staff member and provide training on how to self manage the network or work on special training requests. We also provide support remotely using Team Viewer which allows us to share our screen or control your computer. This tool is  useful for solving network problem without a site visit.