Safe Surfing and Internet Traps


Why does my Computer have Viruses, Malware?

Windows PC’s are subject on a huge amount of viruses and malware because they are an open platform where anyone can produce applications for its' systems. In fact the codes for creating these threats are available on the internet, and threats can be produced by anyone. The reason it has become such a problem is the huge amounts of money that can be made in collecting your personal data, your surfing habits, or installing malicious software on your system. These threats can come from many sources including EMAIL, Web Surfing, using infected disks, or through Local Networks. You can minimize the risks by installing an antivrus program and ensuring it is updated frequently. It is important to maintain safe Web Surfing habits, and ensure your EMAIL is protected.

Why does my Email get so much SPAM?

The one answer for that question is MONEY. Spam makes money, and there are people on the internet that are willing to produce spam in order to collect user statistics. The money generally comes from the marketing industry. In some cases the SPAM itself is an infection that turns your computer into a SPAM mailing system. It will hijack your contact list and propagate that list across the Web. This type of SPAM is called a BOT NET, meaning Robot Network. SPAM blockers are helpful.

WEB Surfing Traps.

Any sites that attract a large number of viewers are going to lure the criminal element as well. Dating Sites, Social Networking Sites are primary locations for the “Posers”. Send NO MONEY to anyone on the net unless you really know who they are, even then make sure to contact them in person to verify you are not being conned.


Picture this, you receive and urgent request from a real friend of yours on your social website like Facebook, MySpace. They say they are in trouble, “Lost their wallet on vacation” The problem is this isn’t your friend reaching for help, fact is your friend never sent the message, and isn’t even aware of the bogus email. Think three times before sending any money, and contact your friend to let them know their computer may be infected with viruses. These are cyber criminals looking for easy cash. They have gotten the contact list from your friend’s computer and sent out the “Help Me” mail to everyone on the mail list in hopes someone will bite.


Be very careful not to sign up for hidden charges billed to your cell phone bill. Picture this simple ad about quizzing your IQ but could be about anything. You answer the questions in the quiz and fill out your contact info and phone number. You get a text message on your phone telling you of your genius. But, you also get a $9.95 bill every month for a subscription to some service. Don’t be a genius, don’t fall for these traps.


You get an email saying something like your picture has been posted of you drunk and naked on Facebook, or Twitter, or MySpace, or some social website. The link takes you to MySpace and you log in. The problem is the MySpace you just logged into was not MySpace but a fake page used by cyber-criminals to get your passwords. Anyone viewing your pages now has a trap for infection. As well as the chain mails off of your contact lists, and more. This process is called phishing. Browsers and Internet security have Anti-Phishing build into them, make sure your logging into the page you think you are. Don’t fall for alarming messages about you. The topic of the link can be almost anything. We have seen messages saying your website is breaking copy write laws, and when you open the “Case Number’ you get a pack of viruses. Be very careful no to fall for these traps.

There are so many places on the internet and companies and hackers that use the internet to charge you for things you don't need. Viruses, Malware, Fraudulent Internet Companies, the internet is a dangerous place if you don't know what to do or what to avoid. If you own a Domain Name, you will get a letter from DOMAIN REGISTRY OF AMERICA. This company sends out renewals to owners of domains, yet they don't actually own or support the domain name, they are just trying to hijack your name to their company. Many people who buy domains don't know better and just pay the Bill. Actually if you read the fine print, it says "AS A COURTESY" keep looking harder and it will say "switch today to the Domain Registry of America. This company has been at this forever, they are fraudulent and should consider them unethical and by all means do no business with them. is the website they use.


Over the last year I get a lot of customers calling about internet bills that are internet traps.  It used to be only Domain Registry of America pushed out fake bills.  Now we get bills from Online Backup services and Bills from DNS Services.  If you don’t understand the bill, DO NOT PAY IT.  I recommend using GOOGLE to search for the bill name and see if anyone has posted it as a SCAM.  Her is an example.

Domain Name Registry