Hey Tom
This is the first go around list of recomend gear for an easy system.

1.Will Need high speed internet to gear location For streeming Music and HD Video Comcast is recomended. We can Help with this is needed.
2. Gear will need to be installed in a well ventilated area. we can suggest av Stand, Or Rack.
3. We my need to install a network switch depending on exsiting gear.
4. Most Tv's with an Hdmi Port will work with this set up. I have added a few links at the bottom of this email with recomended TV's.
5. Tv can be mounted in many differnt way's. My most used mount is Sanus http://www.sanus.com/us/en/

Sr250 remote Universal remote = 200

Control4 Hc200 $400 a $12.99 monthly subscrition Can also play Mp3 files ripped to a usb flash stick

SS- Reciver
Pioneer VSX-919-AH-K = $400


Blu-Ray with, Vudu, Internet Tv, Samsung Apps
Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-ray Player $200.00


Speakers are dependant on room size. wires, and tv size I used these speaker bars very often when wire pulls are hard.
Polk Audio SurroundBar Five CH speaker = 400 This can Be Mounted To Wall or tv. for Extra

Vudu = recomended video stremming
Other Video Streeming

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